Vegan Latkes, Shredded Potato Style



3 large russet potatoes*
1 onion
4 tablespoons corn starch
4 tablespoons flour
salt and pepper

Peel the potatoes and onion. Shred the potatoes in the food processor. Remove to a clean tea towel and squeeze to remove as much liquid as possible. Shred the onion in the food processor. Combine the onion and potato in a large bowl. Sprinkle with corn starch, flour, salt and pepper. Use your hands to combine. When you squeeze the potatoes with your hand, it should form a loose clump. Keep the potato mixture covered with a damp towel (use the same towel) while you work to prevent the potatoes from browning.

tea towel

Heat about 1/2 inch of oil in a cast iron skillet on medium heat. Let it heat for a good-long while. You should be able to feel the heat when you place your hand about two inches about the oil. Grab a handful of potato mixture. Squeeze, flatten, and then place it carefully into the hot oil. Use a metal spatula to lower the latkes if you like.  Try not to crowd the pan too much. I can usually fit about four latkes into my skillet at once. Fry for about five minutes on each side, or until lightly browned. Remove to a rack or a stack of paper towels to drain the oil. Repeat until done.

TIP: Make the recipe kosher for passover by substitution matzah cake flour for the wheat flour and potato starch for the cornstarch.

*It seems like you can only find giant russet potatoes at the supermarket these days. If you can find the much saner potatoes that are just about the size of a fist, use 4-6 potatoes.